Liability, Ethics, and Culture-Aware Behavior Specification using Rulebooks


The behavior of self-driving cars must be compatible with an enormous set of conflicting and ambiguous objectives, from law, from ethics, from the local culture, and so on. This paper describes a new way to conveniently define the desired behavior for autonomous agents, which we use on the self-driving cars developed at nuTonomy, an Aptiv company. We define a “rulebook” as a pre-ordered set of “rules”, each akin to a violation metric on the possible outcomes (“realizations”). The rules are partially ordered by priority. The semantics of a rulebook imposes a pre-order on the set of realizations. We study the compositional properties of the rulebooks, and we derive which operations we can allow on the rulebooks to preserve previously-introduced constraints. While we demonstrate the application of these techniques in the self-driving domain, the methods are domain-independent.

2019 International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA)