Past projects

Planning with Conflicting Specifications

Develop planning and decision-making algorithms with multiple, potentially conflicting objectives.

Formal Specifications of Autonomous Systems

Derive, analyze, and refine specifications from regulatory requirements and demonstrations.

Autonomy in Mobility-on-Demand Systems

Assess and demonstrate the role of autonomy in mobility-on-demand systems through modeling, algorithm development and experimental demonstration.

Real-time Control and Learning for Sustainable Transportation

Mechanism design for dynamic pricing and real-time control of traffic signals based on control, communication, optimization and game theory

Consensus Approaches to the Assignment Problem

Design a consensus protocol to solve the assignment problem in a distributed manner.

Formal Methods for Design and Verification of Embedded Control Systems

Develop mathematical and computational frameworks to facilitate the design and analysis of embedded control systems such as autonomous vehicles.

DARPA Urban Challenge 2007

A race of autonomous ground vehicles through an urban environment.

Abstraction-Based Multi-Vehicle Command and Control

A path planning system for multi-vehicle domains.