Formal Methods for Design and Verification of Embedded Control Systems

The design of reliable embedded control systems inherits the difficulties involved in designing both control systems and distributed (concurrent) computing systems. Design bugs in these systems may arise from the unforeseen interactions among the computing, communication and control subsystems. Motivated by the difficulties of finding this type of design bugs, this project focuses on developing mathematical frameworks, based on formal methods, to facilitate the design and analysis of such embedded systems. This work incorporates methodology from computer science and control, including model checking, theorem proving, synthesis of digital designs, reachability analysis, Lyapunov-type methods and receding horizon control. Various applications have been considered, including autonomy, vehicle management and multi-target tracking.

Tichakorn (Nok) Wongpiromsarn
Tichakorn (Nok) Wongpiromsarn
Assistant Professor

My research focuses on formal methods, motion planning, situational reasoning, hybrid systems, and distributed control systems.